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Let me introduce you to someone amazing . . .  you!

End Anxiety Disorders PERMANENTLY  see

Amazing, Magnificent, Incredible You!

Did you know your brain automatically learns a minimum of 7-10 new pieces of information each and every second, and can do so for the rest of your life?  Or that whenever you have a strong emotion about something, you physically strengthen the neural pathways dedicated to that something and the related emotions?  And that your stomach contains a sizeable brain complete with its own neurons and neurotransmitters?​ 

Did you know that every hour your body disposes of 1 billion dead cells and replaces them with new cells?  Or that every 90 days all of the blood in your entire body is renewed.  Further, every 11 months each cell in your body is renewed, and every 2 years all of the bones in your body are renewed.  Naturally occurring processes such as these constitute the continual renewal of your body throughout your lifetime.  At Human Renewal we refer to this innate ability as Neuro-Bio- Reconstruction (NBR).  We teach you to harness the power of NBR to help you create a healthier, happier you!

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