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About Dr. K. Andrews

Dr. Andrews has four degrees in psychology, including two in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University.  She believes the body is not the only self-healing system we possess.  Like the body, all of our systems require certain conditions for optimal healing - Neuro-Bio-Reconstruction (NBR) - to take place.  The majority of our distress, disorder, and disease results from misuse of our self-systems, lack of Self knowledge, and poor skills.  This misuse (or  self abuse) can prevent and interrupt healing.  When this occurs regularly it can result in unwanted behaviors, conditions, dis-orders, dis-eases, and even lead to physical death.


The good news is Dr. Andrews is among the growing number of helping professionals who has tired of the old status quo of simply treating symptoms.  Rather, she teaches you to seek and eliminate the causes of challenges.  Dr. Andrews views pathology as a sign that self-healing has been interrupted.  She helps you locate blockages and eradicate them, then teaches you how to prevent recreating those circumstances.  In other words, Dr. Andrews doesn’t treat diseases and disorders; she helps you dismantle what created the challenge.


Dr. Andrews also ensures that you become your own “doctor.”  Rather than using secret techniques to work ON you, she openly shares over 35 years of knowledge and wisdom working WITH you to see that you develop strong proficiency, progressive levels of health, and solid independence.   A Human Renewal (HR) program with Dr. Andrews will change your entire approach to life and health.   Tired of the same-old same-old?  I guarantee you have never experienced anything as comprehensive and effective as Dr. Andrews' HR programs.


Besides over 30 years experience as a health coach, Dr. Andrews also has over 12 years experience providing psychotherapy.  However, Dr. Andrews is not and has no desire to be a licensed psychologist or physician






Put a Permanent End to Anxiety Disorders
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