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Transmutation-Ascension Services

Transmutation-Ascension Process Support


Although transmutation-ascension are natural innate processes, and enormously beautiful and magical experiences - for many, fear results.  Remember, not many of us recall having done this before.  Further, we’ve been taught to resist change and the unknown.  Resistance and fear create stress that can slow  the process, delaying your arrival in 5D, extending your visit in 3D.  While rushing is not advised, I’m pretty certain you’re looking forward to doing some full 5D living asap!

Even though there is literally nothing to fear, initiates often create repeated unnecessary emergency room visits and MD appointments.  Some mistakenly check into mental health facilities and aptly receive diagnoses and medications they never needed.  Others break the budget frantically collecting supplements, products and services they googled, not understanding how individualized the process is, and that to know what you need means to go within.

Like transmutation-ascension, the Human Renewal (HR) approach to health is also natural and utilizes innate processes.  In fact, many of the cognitive and spiritual benefits of ascension, and many of the physiological benefits of transmutation occur naturally during Human Renewal programs.  This is because, for over 30 years, Human Renewal has perfected a holistic, all natural approach based on teaching you to use you to perfect you - and your entire universe.

TAPS is available for individuals, families, couples, and groups.  TAPS can also be offered in presentation format, providing a brief sampling of extremely useful tips.   It is advised that you undergo TAPS with a partner.  This will be especially helpful post program, when the two of you work together at ensuring you maintain gains and move forward properly.  We will also start your own HR/TAPS group in your home or organization.  Fill your circle with good vibrations: if you do, you’ll earn discounts for all involved for helping Gaia.

Thorough assessment required for acceptance

into any Human Renewal Program

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