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Everything Is Curable ... Believe it!

Yes, you read it correctly, literally every dis-ease or dis-order is curable.  You are far more amazing than you think!  When anyone defines a state as incurable, they are actually saying “I don’t know how to cure this” or possibly “I don’t cure this.”  Sadly, countless believe in incurable, thereby condemning themselves to decades of medicating alleged life-long symptoms.  However, lately larger numbers looking for new answers are stumbling upon the following truth:  You were created as a self-healing being


Want proof?  If you’re cut, blood at that location immediately begins coagulating to prevent blood loss and begin healing.  Then its flooded with your own healing energy to create a scab, under which reconstruction takes place until the cut is renewed.  Your innate healing system isn’t just for minor cuts, burns, and bruises.  You are fully capable of healing literally any disease or disorder of mind or body.  However, most of us have been programmed to forget, distrust, and disregard Self-wisdom to the point that self-healing sounds “alternative” to crazy and even impossible.


Want more truth?  Well … to create disease or disorder you must regularly engage in particular disease/disorder creating behaviors.  These behaviors include anything which lowers your vibration.  Even if a particular state is considered airborne, for it to gain access to your personal space, certain low-vibration conditions must exist.  Otherwise such challenges cannot enter, occupy, or grow to overcome you in any way. 

Remember, it’s all about vibration; the nature of the energy that is you. Your vibration rate is the result of literally everything you intake, output, think, or associate Self with.  Thankfully there are as many ways to raise your vibrations as there are to lower it, making healing pretty simple.  Just imagine a high-rise apartment building where

To End Anxiety Disoders
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disease and illness live in the basements and lower floors, while health and vitality live on the upper and penthouse levels.  To avoid or eliminate illness, all one need do is get on the elevator and raise one’s vibration to a higher floor/level; one which dis-ease and dis-order cannot access.

Sounds too easy huh?  Well it is once you remember who you are and what you’re doing.  At Human Renewal, a part of your program is to re-member your self-healing system and relearn how to operate your entire being.  Not only will you eliminate current & historical illness, but also learn to continually create higher levels of physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual health in every layer of your being.

Now, the next time someone tells you something is incurable, consider adopting this Truth: “My maker disagrees.”

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