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Human Renewal Programs

To End Anxiety Disoders
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Intensive Programs (IP)


IPs allow you to rapidly achieve the results you desire.    Rather than spending years in therapy, in as little as 30 days you can change your brain and body to create a better over-all you.  IP's involve InVivo-Immersion (IVI), which requires 24 hours of consistent immersion in YOU.  Every day, all day, you and your team will be engaged in creating a better you. Like all HR programs, IPs are individually designed using the holistic approach.   The actual duration of your IP is determined by your symptoms, goals, and progress rate.  IPs can be designed for individuals or to accommodate a maximum of 4 people experiencing identical symptoms.


Non-Intensive  Programs (NIP)


NIPs achieve the same goals as IP,'s except at a more gradual rate due to the use of truncated IVI.  The duration of your NIP is determined by your goals.  NIPs are for clients experiencing extremely mild symptoms or those who simply want to reach a higher level of symptom free functioning and growth.   NIPS can be designed for individuals or groups as large as 10 people experiencing similar symptoms. 


12 Weeks (12W)


12W is a holistic growth & healing program designed exclusively for groups.  12W members meet collectively one day each weekend in addition to one individual session per week.  Couples or family members (enrolled in the same 12W program) will also attend a couple/family session every two weeks.   Currently there are only three 12W groups each year, so space is extremely limited.  Acceptance into 12W group is based solely on preparedness to  benefit from high level instruction.  Those who are refused admission may be accepted into another Human Renewal program to prepare for 12W instruction.  12W begins with an orientation lunch and concludes with a graduation & awards dinner.


 Thorough Pre-Assessment Required For All Programs


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