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Frequently Asked Questions & Definitions


If you're new to Human Renewal, you'll have lots of questions that are easily answered.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the topics below.  Also feel free to contact the office to schedule a free consultation.  The more you know about Human Renewal, the more you'll know about you!

How is Human Renewal Different?


Human Renewal is a holistic curative process unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  Human Renewal takes you on a journey to creating an entirely new Self:  a healthier, happier, and more vibrant you!  Human Renewal addresses the fact that health is more than the absence of illness and symptoms.  Health is knowing how to properly utilize each of your Self-systems. Health is the ability to skillfully achieve maximum peace and enjoyment from the system called YOU! 


Non-holistic treatment programs focus solely on reducing symptoms.  Symptom reduction is easy, and sometimes it works well … for a while.  However in time the symptoms return, causing the need for additional treatment and medications.  It’s like wrapping tape around a leaky pipe:  You end the symptom called dripping water, but soon the tape weakens or other parts of the system also become overtaxed.  Suddenly you have more, and often worse symptoms. 


 With Human Renewal the focus is changing your entire system, so you no longer create the unwanted disorder - or its symptoms.  Human Renewal helps you rewire your entire Self, teaching you to eliminate the causes of symptoms.  This results in the ability to apply more of your energy to skillfully create the life you really want to live - and may not have even dreamed was possible.  Human Renewal is a journey to conscious high level living, a way to freedom!

What is Neuro-Bio-Reconstruction?


Your body is made of about 50 trillion individual cells.  You create over 60 million new cells every minute.  The cells that form your skin are replaced every 30 days.  Ninety-eight percent of the cells in your entire body are replaced every year.  So, every second, each of your cells are actively working at renewing YOU … creating a better you.  Biologist refer to this ongoing process as “Cellular Attrition & Replacement.”  At Human Renewal, we call it Neuro-Bio-Reconstruction or NBR. 


Applying pioneering research of biologists like Dr. Bruce Lipton, we develop individualized Human Renewal programs that acknowledge your body’s reconstruction abilities.  Groundbreaking discoveries are used to help you escape the matrix of limitations established by outdated dogma defining you as a genetic victim.  You are not merely a genetic program running its course.  You have a lot of say in what you experience - in body and mind!


Through proper and conscious use of your self-systems, you can rid yourself of debilitating disorders for good.   You can learn to consistently experience a healthier, happier, you.  Because of Neuro-Bio-Reconstruction - you are (and always have been) capable of changing your experience.   Whether it be OCD, or any other disorder, you can free yourself in just a matter of weeks! 

Why OCD is Not Forever!


You CAN rid yourself of debilitating anxiety disorders permanently!  Many OCD & anxiety specialists lead you to believe “you will always have OCD”.  They’ll tell you OCD results from having a faulty, anxious OCD type brain.  They’ll treat you, again, and again, and again … for decades!   Consequently, many clients come to believe the best they can hope for is a life filled with multiple medications and recurrent treatment. 


However, the brain disagrees!  Your brain has a built-in feature called neuro-plasticity.  Plasticity is your brain’s ability to change into something different and better throughout your lifetime.   You change your brain, all by yourself, all of the time.   Whenever you learn or forget something … you change your brain.   When you develop or break a habit … you change your brain.  You utilize neuro-plasticity daily, you just don’t know you’re doing it.  You mis-use neuro-plasticity to create dis-order(s) in your brain.


Let me show you how neuro-plasticity works to create, maintain, and END OCD.  First, imagine a pristine field of beautiful multicolored wildflowers.  The field represents your brain.  Now imagine a troop of soldiers marching single-file across the field.  The soldiers represent a repetitive OCD thought or behavior.  In time, the marching of the soldiers will create a path in the field.  In your brain this path represents a neurological pathway.  Neurological pathways are how your brain produces habitual behaviors.


Every time a soldier walks the path, the path is reinforced.  Every time you do an OCD behavior, the related neurological pathway is reinforced, causing you to experience more and stronger OCD symptoms.  Eventually the symptoms seem to happen automatically.  But … when the soldiers stop marching, over time, the path just disappears.  When you stop using the OCD neurological pathways, OCD disappears.  So the trick to permanently ending OCD and other anxiety disorders is effectively changing your brain.


I know you’re thinking “It sounds simple, but I’ve already tried stopping.” The problem is you haven’t engaged in a holistic OCD program.   Most OCD and anti-anxiety programs focus solely on treating symptoms.  To truly end debilitating disorders such as OCD, you must re-learn how to use your entire Self.  Everything you need to end OCD is already within you.  I know this because you had everything you needed to create OCD.


The trick is using yourself, and each of your Self-systems, in the right manner.  Rather than repeatedly battling symptoms, you must learn to eliminate the causes of disorders.  That is exactly what individualized Human Renewal programs teach you to do.  In a matter of weeks, you can learn to create a brain, body, and life beyond what you ever imagined possible.  The first step is disposing of the belief that OCD is forever.   OCD is NOT forever!


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