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Fountain of Youth!


“Your youth is renewed like the eagles”

Psalm 103:5


At Human Renewal we don’t believe in aging as the world does.  In fact, to us, what most people refer to as aging looks more like human decay.  It appears as if the body is actually beginning to biodegrade while the being still resides within.  Rather, we believe the longer one lives in a vessel, the more skilled one can become at managing/creating that particular vessel.  Thereby, with age comes a better articulated being, a being more capable than it was as a novice – not less capable.

We view the body as an earth-suit which runs on light energy, also called Ka, Chi, Scalar or Orgone, etc., thereby, the body also serves as a light or energy accumulator.  As long as the being occupying the body maintains a certain level of light, a youthful, healthier, happier, and more beauteous degree of functioning results – within and without.  In fact, it is the absence of this level of light which indicates dis-ease, dis-order, and the decay referred to as aging.

However, the light/energy we refer to is not only ethereal.  It also gives life and form to all living things.  When we consume these living things we also consume the light.  When we consume the dead, there is no light to consume, we are taking in the opposite of light.  So, the challenge is not really a challenge at all, but merely a matter of consuming only those things containing vibrant light.  This alone is the principle behind the raw food diet: Chi in, Chi out.  Concentrated light is also why infants and the very young express such beauteous states … they are still more light than not.   

At Human Renewal we create individualized programs designed to completely renew your entire being by rebooting your system with a sustained and intensive flood of pure light.  Every facet of your being -  and every layer of every body of your being – is already familiar with this process.  Reclaiming your YOU-th is about getting back to you!  In as little as 30, 60, or 90 days you can learn to renew your youth “like the eagles” and reclaim the vibrant being you were designed to be … eternally!​

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