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About Human Renewal

What is Human Renewal (HR)?

HR involves utilizing your body's innate process of Neuro-Bio-Reconstruction (NBR) to bring about the holistic restoration of your entire being, according to the blueprints of your divine design.  Of course, reconstruction begins with deconstruction - the dismantling of oppressive forces (dis-orders, dis-eases, fears, insecurity, faulty programming, addictions, obsessions, false beliefs, and the like).  The deconstruction process alone provides amazing relief and inherently opens the door to the healing energy of reconstruction:  The building of a brand new you!

You will learn to apply the omnipotent power that is your Soul’s light to manifest, express, and experience the perfect health that is indeed your divine design.  Restore your body's youth, health, vigor, beauty, and escape a life of unnecessary medications through approaching the entire body, inside and out.   All this requires is intentional, conscious, proper use of your Self systems.  You are not designed to be ill or to age poorly.  No matter your current condition, you can learn to create and maintain a level of health you find more desirable and  enjoyable.  Miracles happen every second, its easy:  Just align Self with the reality of Soul - and create your own miracles.

During both the deconstruction and reconstruction processes, you will awaken yourself to a world you have never seen before.  Much like Neo in “The Matrix” you will experience an extraordinary rebirth, revealing a more powerful and skilled you than you ever imagined possible.  You will learn to consciously/properly utilize your eyes, ears, brain, mind, language, body, emotions (and every other self-system) rather than having your entire being continually programmed & manipulated by external forces and outdated negative automatic behaviors.


Using the holistic approach, HR will challenge you in every way (spiritually, physiologically, behaviorally, emotionally, intellectually, cognitively, etc.) ensuring that you uncover and live the truth of your  design.  You will learn to master your systems, master your world, and free yourself from the lies that keep you in bondage.  This includes freedom from the effects of current and historical, psychological traumas & disorders, dis-eases, addictions, and even the effects of environmental toxins, oppression, sexism, racism and hatred.


Is financial success, ego, (or whatever) telling you “We don’t need HR?”  Then you are far more asleep than you know.  All humans need HR!  However, immediate acceptance into an HR program is not guaranteed.  Following thorough assessment, you will either be:


·         Accepted into an individual or group HR program

·         Provided with suggestions to prepare you for HR

·         Given a referral to other professionals to prepare you for HR


Either way, you will have begun a process that (with your full commitment) is certain to change your entire life!

Please see
for a permanent end to Anxiety Disorders! 
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